The decision to plow ahead.

The Point of No Return, now called Eternity was a novel I was going to scrap, but have now decided to finish. I am starting to feel like a politician with all the flip flopping I have done on this decision. Here is the history of the novel.

Last November I won NaNoWrimo with this novel, but it wasn’t actually finished. In May I decided to pick it back up again and I put it through a total overhaul, changing the lore, the basic premise for the story and sped the story up from what it originally was.

Quickly, I learned that stopping and later restarting a project was a horrible idea. My writing had changed so much in just a few short months, that it was impossible to go back. I benched the story, threw a mini tantrum on my blog, cursed its existence, and missed it like crazy.

I missed my characters and I felt like I had cheated them of the opportunity to exist and find love. Just today I went back and looked at it in its original form and realized that redoing all the major points wasn’t my mistake, thinking they needed to be was. After taking a hard look at it, I decided to open it up in scrivner and see just how badly I had thrown it off course. It was easier than I thought to revert it to the original lore.

So this is where the project is at:

I am fully edited through chapter 20. Chapters 20-24 are written, in need of hard edits. Chapter 25 is half done. Chapters 26 and 27 now have a detailed outline and the story has a final scene which has convinced me that it is worth finishing.

This story has the best character development I have done to date. It’s lore is somewhat lacking, which means that will be confronted in edits, but the story will be told!

I still stand by what I said originally. Stopping and then going back to a story is always a bad idea but this experience has taught me not to give up before I know that I have to.

It is quite possible that I will have this story under the completed category by the end of the week, which means I will be in editing hell in about a month. Instead of being daunted, I am excited again! If you have ever given up on yourself, learn from my mistakes.

There is no such thing as a bad story, just a naughty author.



4 comments on “The decision to plow ahead.

  1. Thanks for sharing your struggle with “Eternity.” I’m facing the same daunting task with “Shattered,” a WIP that was ninety percent done before I attended Orson Scott Card’s “Literary Bootcamp last June.” He encouraged me to turn the short story I wrote as part of an assignment into a novel, so I shelved “Shattered” and got to work on “Enchantment.”

    I published “Enchantment” on Amazon yesterday then opened “Shattered” in Scrivener (Don’t you just LOVE that program). I barely recognized my own writing. I still love the characters and want their story to be told, but the actual story is a mess! I’ve learned so much since I first put it away, I’m not sure how much I can salvage of the 150K words already written. I’m afraid I need to rewrite the whole thing.

    How did you make the decision to stick with your original manuscript? (Hoping I can find a way to so as well).

    • Hi Charlotte! Remember it is free advice… My suggestion is RIP IT TO SHREDS and put it back together. Take everything you learned and APPLY it. Think of your book as scenes instead of chapters, and make an outline. Scrivner is fantastic for that!

      Then, Frankenstein the thing back together, work on your transitions, and voila YOUR STORY IS BETTER than ever.

      I can tell you it sucks. Eternity is a skeleton of what it once was. BUT! I have the advantage of knowing where the story is going. (don’t we all wish we had that with a first draft?) The “meat” that has been placed on the bones is well thought out, plot driving, character developing, and it is an emotionally charged FIRST DRAFT.

      That’s right. First draft. It still needs a ton of edits, but the end result is that your new novel has all of your new skills applied to it already so you are ahead of the game.

      Don’t lose hope. You are not alone. Check in from time to time, I will be updating my battles with Eternity for the world to see.

  2. I found this link while looking for something else on Facebook (still haven’t found what I was originally looking for). Anyway, I followed your advice and not only did I finish “Shattered” (Now titled “River’s Recruit”) but I also wrote and published “Taken,” the second book of “The Channie Series.” All three books have exceeded my expectations, so thank you for your early encouragement!

    How is “Eternity” doing? I’m going to go search for it on Amazon 😉

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