Star Crossed Author Interview: Tracey Lee Campbell

I had the good fortune of getting to know self-published author Tracey Lee Campbell.  It was interesting to read about her journey and the efforts it took to overcome any and all obstacles in her life.

Liz: Why don’t you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?

Tracey:  I’m a 42 year old chocoholic Aussie procrastinator with a husband, four kids and two dogs. Much to my kids’ embarrassment, I’m into all sorts of kooky, way out stuff – particularly the paranormal. I saw a UFO when I was a small child and have been fascinated by the topic ever since! I also like more normal stuff like photography, travel, history and writing, so I guess they’re my saving graces.

Liz:  What are working on now?

Tracey:  My current WIP is the Starcrossed Trilogy – a paranormal romance, I suppose it is in the sci-fi genre too.   It’s probably best described with the blurb:

“After surviving a peculiar and unsettled childhood, Lucy Doyle’s relatively normal teenage existence is turned upside down with the arrival of the enigmatic, impossibly good looking Aric Brennan – her uncle’s new ranch hand. Lucy’s suspicion that there’s something ‘different’ about Aric is confirmed when she learns that his uncanny ability to mind read and charm the socks off of any female isn’t just an accident – he was bred for this purpose. Aric is a ‘whisperer’ – a genetically manipulated human hybrid created by the Innaki – an alien race involved in a sinister abduction program.

When Lucy is stalked by Aric’s unearthly creators, she must put her trust in the charismatic, ‘perfect’ stranger, unaware he holds a chilling secret which could destroy her world forever.”

I’ve just started on the second in the series ‘Dark Matter’. I have some really exciting ideas for it, there will be more tension between Aric and Lucy, and I’m introducing some new, really creepy supernatural creatures.
To buy the first book click here >>

Liz:  What does your writing process look like?  Do you listen to music?  Sit on the couch?  What works best for you?

Tracey:  I sit at my desk and tap away on my laptop. I’ve tried listening to music while I write but I find it too distractive – I suffer from ADD and have a very poor attention span. The internet is my best friend and my worst enemy. I waste way too much time on it, but it is also so good for garnering information and ideas.

Liz:  What keeps you going?

Tracey: To be honest, praise keeps me going. I suffer from the usual self doubt that many people have, and to have someone enjoy what I’ve written is the biggest motivator ever.

Liz:  Who do you go to for praise and reassurance?

Tracey: My husband and my teenage daughter have probably been my biggest support. My husband plies me with chocolate and caffeine and is always positive but  honest. I look to my daughter for advice with the book because she is in the age group it’s actually written for. They’ve both been positive right throughout the whole process, even when offering constructive criticism.

Liz: How do you deal with writers block?

Tracey: I started using Scrivener and it’s a godsend. It allows me to write in scenes so if one scene isn’t going so well, instead of just stopping all together, I can move on to another one. It makes it easy to drag the scenes about and locate them too.

Liz: What was it like when you finally got to “The end” of your book?

Tracey: It is the most amazingly awesome feeling ever – I am a terrible procrastinator and this has been a big goal of mine for years, so I feel it is a real achievement. Even if no one had ever bought a copy, finishing my book was the most incredibly satisfying thing I’ve ever done!

Liz: How about now that it is out there in the hands of your readers and getting reviews?

Tracey: I’m terribly proud and excited. I think it’s turned out really well, particularly judging by the comments of people who’ve read it. To have someone enjoy the world you built, your hard work, your ‘blood, sweat and tears’ and say they ‘can’t put it down’, well, it just blows your mind. I used to think logging into ebay to check on any bidders for my items was cool, but logging into my Amazon account to check my figures every day beats ebay hands down! It is just the most exciting, satisfying time, and I urge anyone who is still plodding through their writing to keep that in mind – it is so worth it!

Liz: Do you ever surprise yourself when you write?

Tracey: I surprise myself when I stick at something and get a lot done. Having ADD, I tend to get bored very easily, so if I write a lot in one go, it usually means the writing is going so well  I’m totally into it and indistractible (is that even a word?!)

Liz: What have you learned about yourself through your writing?

Tracey: I’ve learned I can actually stick to something and achieve my goals.

Liz: What is one piece of advice that you have received that you thought was good?

Tracey: Chop back anything in your book that doesn’t really need to be there. It makes it tighter and it means the reader doesn’t have to slog through boring stuff and will stay more focused.

Liz: What advice do you have for others that are considering joining you on this rocky path?

Tracey: Keep at it, and keep learning. Read (and put into practice) the advice given by writing articles. You can find them in abundance for free on the net – you don’t need to pay for any fancy writing course. My writing isn’t perfect (to my standards anyway) but it’s certainly improved in leaps and bounds as I’ve read and learned and applied what I’ve learned to what I write. I know I will keep on improving if I keep doing this.


To Buy Tracey’s book, Click here >>


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