Author of The Judas Syndrome: Michael Poeltl

Why don’t you tell us about your book!

In a world devastated by an apocalyptic event, the bonds of friendship are tested in the haze of unrelenting depression, and paranoia.

Will you know who your friends are?

Joel and his friends are on the verge of graduation and excited and optimistic about their futures. But when they return from a camping trip in the remote woodlands to find themselves faced with a post-apocalyptic world, their daily lives acquire burdens and terrors hitherto unexperienced.

The Judas Syndrome is an unforgettable portrait of survival against the odds. Joel, the protagonist, is an average teen whose dreams of entering college in the fall have disintegrated with the rest of the civilized world. Experiencing a barrage of sinister premonitions prior to a camping trip, Joel struggles to shrug them off as nothing more than anxiety over the newest cyber-terror, the Grimm Reaper. For months the Reaper has been inundating the airwaves with threats of mass destruction if world governments do not adhere to his plethora of ridiculous demands. Finally, he does more than just threaten.

The deed done, the Reaper’s threats now realized, Joel and his small band of friends find themselves alone in adying world. Their families are all dead and gone, and Joel’s family home is now their stronghold. Faith and faithlessness are investigated as his ongoing visions prepare Joel for the realization that the worst is far from over. Prisoners to a darkened sky and toxic earth, the group fights to survive. Through battles staged on their hallowed ground, through loss and victory, the group meets the Pilate to their Judas, unwittingly setting in motion – the Judas Syndrome.

To purchase a copy of Mike’s books, click on the following links.   the book click on either of the following links.

Why did you decide to self publish? 

My plan is to garnish as many reviews and create enough of a buzz about my book(s) that once the third in the series is complete I could approach publishers with a successful series that has a history of sales.

How did you go about the process of self publishing?

I went through Lulu for my first book and when they decided to charge to place it on Amazon, I discovered Createspace, Amazon’s own POD company and have moved my business there.

As for editing, I believe it is very important that a self-published author follow through. There’s nothing worse than hearing your book was a great story, but desperately needs editing. Just because you’re self-published shouldn’t mean you skimp on something that could turn a 5 star rating into a 3 star.  I am lucky in that I am married to a Play-write (So, an obvious choice for an editing partner there) and have a friend who has been published (traditionally) three times, so professionally edited manuscripts have been easy to come by for me.

I also approached a few local book stores and left them copies on consignment. Local stores are always very happy to include a local author into their collection.

What are some good things about self publishing?

You take home the Lion’s share of the profits. That’s got to be number one. Secondly, you answer to no one but your own nagging ambitions.

What are some bad things about it?

If you have no ambition to market yourself, you’ll likely see zero sales. It’s that simple.

Do you have any advice or suggestions for those thinking about going into self publishing?

I would encourage anyone to take up the challenge. It’s amazing to see your book in print or ebook format for the first time. I’ll say it again, though, have your work edited professionally, or at the very least, by more than two sets of eyes. As authors we’re caught up in the story and characters and often miss grammatical or plot errors. It happens.

Can’t get enough of Michael Poeltl? – website – Facebook fanpage!/mpoeltlauthor – Twitter – Author Blog!/mpoeltlauthor – Linked-In


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