How to get twitter followers

There are a few things that contributed.

One:  I went hog wild crazy talking to every one in the twitterverse.  I would have conversations, their friends would see…  they followed.
Two:  It is related to the first.  But I followed a TON of people.  A lot of people followed back.
Three:  Facebook.  I joined groups for writers.  Almost all of them had a twitter roll call.  I followed them and added my name to the list!
Four:  Related to number three.  I joined writing groups online and joined their twitter roll calls.
Five:  I made my twitter information available EVERY WHERE.  I attached it to my emails.  I attached it bios on different sites.  I attached it website.

Remember!  It isn’t necessarily a numbers game.  People will only follow you and stay following you if you have something to offer them.


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