#amediting Eternity

Yes, I realize this isn’t twitter.  I used the hash tag so I could help others while I pat myself on the back.

Some people don’t understand all the many uses of twitter (I am one of them).  One of the things I have picked up on is hashtags.  They are a great way to get involved in conversations that effect you.  There are a slew of them.  I’m sure you’ve seen them.  #ameding #amwriting #wordmongering and #FF .

This are all useful conversations for a writer and I like I said before I am sure there are others.

#amediting when tweeting –  use this if you are working on an editing project.  After you post it, it will glow the same as a link.  Click it.  You can see others who are #amediting too.  The conversation is relevant to what you are doing.  Get involved.  Make new friends.  You may even learn a few tricks.

#amwriting when tweeting –  use this when you are writing.  Let others know your struggles and successes.  Any one following the #amwriting thread is there to support you.

#wordmongering when tweeting – this starts every hour on the hour.  Writers from around the world will use #wordmongering to get together and plow through some word count.  It goes for a half hour.  At the end of the half hour you post an update saying how much word count you got through.

#FF when tweeting –  when you see this, it means Follow Friday.  I believe everyone uses it a little differently but the gist is always the same.  they will us #ff followed by a list of names…  @one of their followers @another @soonandsoforth .  If you are looking to follow others with similar interests, check out their #FF.

Hopefully that gives you some insight on hash tags.  If you use a hashtag that every writer should know about.  Please leave it in comments.

Now you were warned that I was going to do some back patting… well here goes.  I have struggled with editing Eternity, every step of the way.  The begging of the book had so many rewrites and adjustments that I would no longer recognize the original.  It has been like pulling teeth, but I truly love the way it is turning out.

I just finished Chapter 11 which is where the major transition in comes in!  It doesn’t mean the editing from here on out will be easy but it does mean I am supremely extremely excited to go an play with those areas.

Your muse is just as important to editing as it is to writing.  Stay tuned for a post about that (better yet…  sign up for updates.  There is always exciting things happening around here)

May your hashtags be productive!



4 comments on “#amediting Eternity

  1. eh. It’s one of those things. It seems to come up often with those who aren’t familiar with twitter or they use it in only one way. It is a great way to connect with others who are at the same place. Give it a try 🙂

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