Interview with Dominique Weldon- aspiring author


Why don’t you start by telling us a little bit about yourself? 

Nowhere special, just from a small town in Iowa! I’m a regular teen, who does regular teen things-high school, working, countless hours in front of the T.V, with a controller in my hand. When I’m not writing you can definitely catch me playing games online with all the boys!

Where you born writing or was there an “ah ha” moment when you knew that writing is what you were meant to do?

I think it was an odd mixture of both to be honest. I’ve been writing all my life, which is also known as age five, and I didn’t even realize that until around the age of 13! It was during junior high when that ‘ah ha’ moment came to me.

Where are you at in your process? 

Right now I’m almost halfway finished with my sixteenth novel …I didn’t even think I had that many, could of sworn it was around twelve! The end of this series should be at least by December.


Tell us about your current projects

I don’t even know where to begin! Okay, I just have a lot in the works at the moment. I currently have eight projects on my shoulders but mainly focusing on one. Hopefully, after almost four years, eight books, and plenty of breaks due to my procrastination, I will finish the first true series I started! Really excited about it!

A lot has happened in the series but I can summarize the first of the books. The world is full of monstrous creatures known as Daraios, who survive off the thrill of destroying their own kind. They can only unlock their powers after making a pact with a human, a master. A human girl, Nikola Waynes awakens Daraio, Jacob Williams, and the two of them form a pact. That’s just the basics of it all! It’s a paranormal and very dear to my heart.

Why do you write your specific genre?  Have you ever thought about dabbling in others? 

Supernatural, paranormal, and horror all are what I love writing. I know there are wonderful realistic novels, but I believe that writing is about the imagination. I love creating things that can only happen in my dreams! I’m trying to write more works of different genres but those three topics are my home base.


Are you a pantser (fly by the seat of your pants) or planner?   Tell us a little bit about how you do it.  Planner!!! Oh I don’t understand how you can write without any sort of outline, even if it’s not completely filled!  It’s like going on a vacation without a GPS…or a map. You just shouldn’t do it! Sure, there are some parts where ideas spark out of nowhere, but I always start with a basic outline. Always.

How do you write?  Do you listen to music?  Sit on the couch?  What works best for you?

Anywhere, but I prefer to write when the moon is out, music blasting in my ears, T.V soft in the background and on my couch. That is my comfort zone. Music is a must, although I prefer the others almost just as much. I’m a sucker for music, I have to have it, no buts… Unless it’s during the middle of class, then it’s a different story.


How do your characters come to life?

My characters develop as the story goes on. I’ll start with the basics-looks, simple personality, likes and dislikes… Simple things along those lines! Then, as the problems begin and grow, I learn more about my characters. Sometimes they surprise me, which makes me love them even more!  Although I have some flat characters for simple roles; sometimes I’ll toss them aside, others grow on me, and I’ll keep around.

I found a wonderful little creative writing book that helps with plucking your character from your mind. Whenever I start another story I plan on using that and see if it helps. It better help!

Which one of your characters remind you the most of you? …All of my characters are far braver then myself and a lot stronger in every aspect. None of them are like me in the least. I’m starting a story, although, with a character that is supposed to be a representation of myself. I don’t know  how that will turn out, but it’s something new, which I’m willing to try!

Do you have any characters that are based on any of your friends?

Now that is a yes! In one of my older novels, the main character’s friends are all named after my own. As time went on, I stole some traits and quirks of theirs, which they don’t know, and will never find out! …Unless they all happen to read this, then I’m out of luck!

Do you characters like to listen to you, their creator, do they like to pull all the strings and write you into corners?

It depends on the person. Sometimes they listen to me, and at other times they will take one little action of mine, then take off with it. There’s been plenty of times where I am yelling at the page because they make me angry! I feel like I’m watching a soap opera, or something along those lines, unable to do anything about the stupid choices every single character makes!


How do you make your world believable?

I don’t know how believable it is to everyone else, but all it seems very real to me. I describe about the setting in the beginning of the novel then let it take off. I don’t bother with the setting that much anymore after its been established because I know as a reader, I imagine everything different from what written on the pages. If the reader has the freedom to imagine some of the world, town, or whatever it is, then it feels just a little bit more real… At least, that’s what I believe!

LET’S TALK FAVORTES (we promise not to tell)

Do you have a favorite line that you have written?

Ahh, I know that there’s a bunch of lines like that! The first one that pops in my head is from a horror novel I finished last year. It’s nothing serious or anything full of ‘hidden knowledge’, it just makes me laugh! I have to write out the scene, but the line comes from my main character.

~As soon as I opened the door, the Sheriff spoke. A light tone in his voice hid the darker edge under it. “…Do you mind me looking at the dog back here? I’d like to pay my respects.”

I froze for a few moments then turned my head to the side, just enough to see him in the corner of my eye.

“Not unless you have a warrant… Now get off my property.”

And with that I slammed the door, right before catching a glimpse of Franklin’s smiling face.~

I love that my character’s line so much!! I feel the slight comedy, mixed with true threat was just perfect! I normally don’t have moments like that, but I can’t help but get excited over some things!

Do you have a favorite novel you have written or perhaps a short piece?

I love all of my novels, but out of all of them, I believe I have two favorites. One is Once Upon a Fairytale, my only true fantasy. Out of all of my characters I’ve ever created, the ones in that story have to be my favorite. They are the reason I kept writing, everything flowed so naturally. My other is my horror novel, Life of the Liar. For some reason the bloody scenes were a lot of fun… I hope that doesn’t make me crazed in some sort! Like I said, everything I’ve created means a lot to me, but those two are the first ones that pop into my head.

How about a favorite scene?

…Probably the endings to almost all my stories. It should be obvious by now that I have a lot of favorites!  But anyway, the climax is always the best part to write, I put so much into that moment of the story. I hate to give away anything so I won’t say much about those endings, but I always make sure to pack them full of emotion. When I some of my friends  read my stories and burst into tears towards the ending, I know I got the job done!

Just for fun, what is your favorite color, food, or animal?

Red, Chinese food, and cats. Phew, an easy question!


Where do you get your ideas? 

Well that would be many places. I have mainly three sources! The first one is my dreams; if I can ever remember any part of my dreams, even just bits and pieces, I usually use them for something. Even if it’s just a simple plot twist. The second source would be music; that has to be a huge inspiration towards my work, I get so many ideas from the songs I listen to! However, normally an idea will just pop in my head randomly. As boring as that may sound, it’s the truth! Out of nowhere I’ll get a flash of something and I’ll think to myself ‘That could be a great story!’ Then, bam, a story is born!

What keeps you going?

My love for the written word. Creative writing is my passion, I can’t even see myself not writing. If I’m not I slowly begin to rot away due to boredom, an awful feeling!

Who do you go to for support when you’re feeling miserable about your book (come on we all have this moment)?

My video games become my best friend. When that happens I start to put everything on hold and distract myself from those thoughts, which do occur every  now and then. Later on I try to push past it and force myself to write!


Do you love it or hate it?

I finally earned enough money to buy myself a laptop- after sixteen long years. All this time I have written everything down on paper, so I never had the tools to fully edit, and I refuse to rewrite everything out on hand again to simply edit! That’s why my work has never been truly edited, minus one story; although I’m pretty sure I’d hate it. Whenever I edit something else, like an essay, I feel it takes up so much time. I’m more of a hater, sorry to say!


Have you started shopping for an agent?

Nope, no way! I haven’t looked into that stuff yet, and I know I should… I really feel like I shouldn’t worry about those types of things until I am finished with college. That is when I want to start the process of being published. I still have a lot to learn; I want to share my work with the world when I know it’s at its best. So to keep it all short, no, but soon.


What is it like to know that a draft is finally done?

After you know that a piece of work is finally done you have this moment where you’re on the top of the world. Nothing can stop you! …Then after that moment passes thirty seconds later you start planning out your next story. I always have something to do! That feeling never lasts too long.

Talk about some of the emotions you went through (or are going through) that you have experienced.

It’s mostly stress, because you’re constantly worrying about everything!  Are my characters believable? Did I describe the setting enough? Is the plot not original enough? Are my readers bored yet?! So, so much stress!  Also you have to deal with writer’s block-even more stress piled on your shoulders!

Eventually, after that stress has finally passed, you have to deal with the ending. That’s when the emotions begin the roller coaster ride. I’ve actually cried a couple times while completing a piece. Luckily that usually happens when I’m alone, late at night so no one can see me. Stress- then sadness… That’s pretty much all I ever feel.

How many times have you wanted to chuck your computer at the next person who asks how it is going?

I’ve never wanted to attack my computer! When people actually care enough to ask me how my work is going I get really excited. It makes me feel like somebody is concerned! So ask me all you want, I’ll gladly tell you how good or awful everything is, depending on the day!

Do you tend to laugh and cry when your characters do?

Yes! Yes, yes, yes! I notice that I start to smile when I write out a comic scene, or when somebody is happy. People think I’m crazy, concerning I’m smiling like an idiot to myself. Normally I write sad scenes when I’m alone so nobody can see me bawling when I kill off somebody! I guess it means I care about my characters!

How do you deal with writers block?

I complain, whine, get on Facebook, listen to music, play video games and continue this pathetic cycle until I finally get an idea. It works, I’d say, ninety percent of the time. If it doesn’t then I’m screwed…I’m allowed to say that, right? [you are allowed to say just about anything you want.  If I don’t like it…  I can always edit it out!]

 Do you ever surprise yourself when you write?

That’s funny, I just had a conversation like this with one of my friends. We concluded that writing Gods enter your body, giving you the power of brilliant writing! Every now and then, you’ll read over your work and think ‘How in the world did I come up with that?’ But you shouldn’t question it, just be thankful you somehow had a sheer moment of genius.

What have you learned about yourself through your writing?

I learned that with a little practice, you become better at your skill, regardless if it’s writing, sports, or whatever! It takes great discipline, but it’s completely worth it in the end!

Is writing a novel easier or more difficult than you thought?

When I first started writing full-blown novels I was terrified. I didn’t know how to start, if I’d be interesting or if anyone would actually like me. But I just went for it, and now its second nature to me. Writing isn’t a difficult task for me, but maybe that’s because I truly enjoy it! Hopefully it will continue becoming easier as time goes on.

What strengths do you have that make you the next great author?

I’m not sure if I’m good enough to be the next hit, all I have is the passion for it all. If that is all I needed to be the next great author then I would make it! I believe I have talent, but it’s in the form of raw clay. It needs to be molded into something great. Just look out in the next couple years, I’ll be coming for you world!

What weaknesses do have that make you human?  (Yes, we all know that we know you are superman, but no one would appreciate him if kryptonite wouldn’t bring him down to size)

I wish I didn’t have any weaknesses, but that can’t happen. Author’s, even people in general, need to have thick skin …Well that’s not me. I get hurt way to easily, which sucks considering the career I’m after! Criticism kills me, and I just can’t get over the sting! I try to brush it off, but it follows me. Maybe that weakness will go away someday!

What is one piece of advice that you have received that you thought was good?

Keep writing! That is the best advice I’d ever received and it’s the best I can give. The more you practice at something, the better you become. Looking back at some of my older pieces, I can tell that I have gradually improved over the years!

What advice do you have for others that are considering joining you on this rocky path?

Write and don’t give up!!

Where do you see yourself in one year?

Graduating high school.

How about 5?

Graduating college, has my own house and preparing to publish my first book, which will be the world’s next best seller!


Tell us where and how we find you.

I’m on Facebook, Dominique Weldon’s Books, a blog,  also called Dominique Weldon’s Books and I’m on twitter, dwkeiko. My twitter is connected to my Facebook so it’s nothing too special!


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