Interview with @NicoleLIreland with @elizabeth sogard

Why don’t you start by telling us about you? 

Nicole Ireland is a published author and freelance writer from southern Maine. Her works are published under her own name, as well as two pen names.

Over the past few years Ms. Ireland has written for several companies, including Mahalo, Demand Studios, and Break Studios, to name a few. Currently, you can find her on MySpace as the Reality TV Curator.

In addition to freelance writing, Ms. Ireland is also a virtual assistant and compliance coordinator for Take 2 Dough Productions/PaneBelle located in southern Maine. Her main duties include maintaining the company’s HACCP-based program, as well as ensuring the company meets all local, state and federal guidelines.

In her spare time, when not hunched over her computer creating worlds she dreams of living in, you can find her engrossed in worlds others have created. She also enjoys spending time with her two children, Mikala and Blake-Joseph.

Please give me a description of the book.  The blurb on the back is perfectly fine.

A Second Chance –

What if you discovered you only had months to live? How would you tell your children, your husband, your parents? Would you even tell them at all?

When faced with the devastating news that her cancer treatments failed, Annabelle Dixon does what many terminally ill people do: she prays for a second chance.

Sacrifice –

“I’m afraid of the man in the mirror, Mommy.”

When Harper James’ daughter whispers those words to her mother, Harper must decide whether it’s a case of overactive imagination or something more sinister. Her daughter’s confession leads to a startling revelation of her own that rocks Harper’s world and forces her to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Why did you decide to self publish? 

I tried the traditional route six years or so ago, but like most that are green to the whole process, it didn’t go well, and I acquired my share of rejection letters. I always figured I’d try again once I’d honed my craft more. It wasn’t until the past couple of years, though, that I started thinking more about the self-pub route, especially after seeing the success that some of my closest friends have had.

Part of the reason I went the self-pub route was because I loved the creative freedom it gave me. I love being responsible for my own success. I love not having restrictions placed on me.

What was it like self publishing?

The process itself is just like most other authors. I sit down and write a story. Some take a lot longer than others. I go through various stages of revisions before sending it off to my editor Jennifer Melzer. After that, I make more changes, and I usually end up having her look my work over once more.

During that time, she usually throws a cover together for me. (I’ve loved every one she’s made me.) Once I’m ready to publish, her husband does my formatting for me and then I upload it myself to various sites: Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and All Romance eBooks, if applicable.

What are some good things about self publishing?

The best thing about self-publishing is the creative freedom. I have huge issues with control. I do take advice on my writing from those closest to me, but only if I feel it’ll actually help my work without changing the original message I wanted to convey. At all times, though, my story is mine to do with as I wish.

Another great thing about self-publishing is that once you’re ready to publish, and you’ve done all you can to your story, there’s no wait time. You can upload it and begin selling it. With the traditional publishing industry, it’s not unheard of to wait six months or even a couple of years for your first book to hit the shelves. I think that’s a perk that appeals to many authors.

What are some bad things about it?

I think the worst thing is overcoming a reluctance to self-promote. That’s something I’ve struggled with from day one. Sometimes I feel like I’m forcing myself on people and annoying them, so for while I refrained from saying too much about my stories. I have been mentioning more, though, often the great reviews I receive, how my stories rank on various sites, what sales are looking like, etc, so I’m getting there, slowly by sure.

Do you have any advice or suggestions for those thinking about going into self publishing?

The best advice I can offer is to keep writing once your story is out. Yes, promotion is important, but it can’t be all you do. If people enjoy your work, they’re going to want to read more, so you don’t want to keep them waiting forever. A great way to keep your name out there while working on your longer stories is to release shorts. I know many successful authors that do that, and it works well for them.

Can’t get enough of Nicole?


Twitter: @NicoleLIreland


Facebook Author Page:

Check out her books!

A Second Chance –

Sacrifice –



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