2011 is all about embacing my inner author – this is what it looks like.

People have asked me what I am working on and I let out a nervous chuckle as I hide my head in shame.  I have WAY too many projects on my plate.  I didn’t do it on purpose.  I wouldn’t suggest it to others but I either don’t know how to change my ways OR I don’t want to…

Most of the responses I will receive on this blog post will likely be, “Are you crazy,” or, “there is no way you can do it.”

My response on both accounts is:  You are probably right.

This is my calendar for the remainder of the year.

August 2011:  I will finish editing/writing ETERNITY.  I will finish writing DREAM WALKER.  I also need to edit a short for a contest at myvampfiction.net In the mean time I am receiving edits back for THE LAST SIREN and the first part of ETERNITY.

September 2011:  Editing DREAM WALKER and getting it to a Beta (once I find one who likes first person present tense)  I will also edit THE LAST SIREN.  ETERNITY will be with a pre-reader at this time and I should still be getting reviews back from my BETA.

October 2011:  I will finish my other NaNo Novel from last year.  The Tail of Valhalla.  I don’t care if it is rough and dirty.  I should finish the darn thing.  I will likely be getting edits back from ETERNITY and DREAM WALKER at this time.  I won’t be doing anything with said edits at this time, but they should be coming in (hopefully with rave reviews).

November 2011:  Yeah for NaNo.  I get to play with a shiny new manuscript.  I did a rough outline for it at the end of July.  I am so ready for this!!  In the mean time I should still be getting reviews back.  Again, I will not be doing much with them.  Just letting them pile up and await their orders.  THE TAIL OF VALHALLA will be going out to a pre-reader.

December 2011:  I will be mainly launching a HUGE event on my website.  It will be very time consuming on my part but very rewarding for my followers.  (psst…  you should sign up to be a follower.  December is 30 days of FREE stuff.  You won’t want to miss it)  I will probably plug away on edits in my spare time.

While I should be getting revisions back I will try to take it easy and not worry so much.  December is a finish up whatever needs finishing and hopefully take it easy for the rest of it.

January 2012 is a new beginning for me.

The following books will be finished: UNDEAD DEAD GIRL, ETERNITY,THE LAST SIREN,DREAM WALKER, THE TAIL OF VALHALLA, and last but not least THE AS YET UNNAMED NANO NOVEL.  That is six completed novels in 2 years!  All of them will be at various stages of edits (with the NaNo novel being the only one who hasn’t seen a Beta/pre-reader)

My goal is to have all six novels ready to query by May 1st.  I am committed to not write any new novels during that time.  Those five months are dedicated to writing the perfect query, editing like crazy and getting some publishing credentials.  Any original writing will be for short stories to help me get some publishing credits.

May 2012 is when I start to query.  My heart is now racing when I think about what May will mean for me.  Waiting, no doubt some rejections, and god willing… and acceptance or six.

I can’t plan much further out from there because there are so many unknown parts that have nothing to do with me.  While I am waiting on responses I want to get some of my series outlined.  Most of my books have series potential, so its probably a good idea to know where they are going.

2011 is all about embracing my author potential.  2012 is about my bringing my goals to fruition.

So what does your calendar look like?



5 comments on “2011 is all about embacing my inner author – this is what it looks like.

  1. Um. I plan to finish Messy Death and my YA novel while passing intermediate alegra. Edit Messy Death then query for an agent to represent me. NO NEW NOVELS WILL BE STARTED UNTIL MESSY DEATH AND YA BOOK ARE COMPLETE INCLUDING EDITS! (Yes, I was screaming all of that.) Lol. Also, I will be having Liz Sogard helping me learn the ropes of querying. Because, well, she loves me and her help rocks my world!

    • I thought about using all caps when I said that too! (I think there is still some nagging suspicion I might mess up and try to start another one.) Hey! It’s been known to happen.

      I know how to make a wicked square knot… does that count as ropes? I hope so because I’m no pro at queries. Hopefully I will be by then! that being said I will share any insights I have come across at that point.

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