Self pub interview with Lakisha

Why don’t you start by telling us a little bit about you?

Lakisha Spletzer is an indie author who writes science fiction, fantasy and paranormal for all ages. She has been writing stories since the tender age of 8. She’s tried everything from poetry to fan fics to novels. She has a BA in Communications from the University of Virginia-Wise (Wise, Virginia). She’s head of a local writer’s critique group and is very active in local author events. She also participates and encourages other writers (unpublished and published) to take the friendly writing challenge NaNoWriMo ( admits to having a choatic life full of many road blocks and speed bumps her life, but admits that surviving them and charging forward has given her purpose and drive in writing and getting her stories out there for readers to enjoy. After all, her head is full of adventures she wants to share.

Tell us about your books!


A Veil Recipe

3 clueless college students

1 magical dimension

1 Warrior Princess

A pinch of danger

Take three clueless college students, mix in a tobacco field. Combine one magical dimension and stir in a defiant Warrior Princess. Throw in a pinch of danger and slow cook until steaming.

Invite five angry deities. Open and serve your new heap of trouble.


“Hi, my name is Laylah Cherie Le Croix, and being ignorant can be life-threatening.”


Laylah Le Croix is searching for answers. Dissatisfied with the silence from her caretakers on the subject of her kidnapping and, unnerved by her Father’s sudden interest in her life, Laylah eagerly anticipates graduation day and the freedom to pursue her own goals.


She secretly continues to see her boyfriend, Donil Silentshadow, who values her as a person and gives her the love she desperately needs. 


Were Council politics and a familiar enemy’s insidious plans collide with the couple’s happiness and threaten to unleash the hidden inter-tribal feuding amongst the Weres.


Will Laylah be able to navigate the onslaught of this latest disaster or will the secret, those around her are keeping, finally consume her?

Why did you decide to self publish?

The reason why I chose to self-publish was because I wasn’t get anywhere trying query traditional publishers or agents. I’ve got a bit of entrepreneurial spirit and I thought, why not? And so here I am.

How did you self publish?

It first took me a while to write a first draft but once I got that done, I went hunting for an editor. My cover artist found me, and it didn’t hurt that we used to go to college together.

Who edits it?

Initially my editing was done by Lyn (Librarian and former English teacher) and most recently I’ve added two more, Allan and Courtney who are both starting out their careers as freelance editors.

Where did you go through to get it printed and or available for the open market?

I went with Createspace after carefully visiting Iuniverse, Lulu, AuthorHouse and others. I was always looking at cost because as a single parent, I don’t have a lot of extra money. I read through all their tutorials and made sure to participate in the community forums. I learned quite a bit that way.

What are some good things about self publishing?

The control of the novel from start to finish and keeping a larger percent of my royalties.

What are some bad things about it?

Limited marketing. I have to find ways to get myself out there. I’ve found that Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads have helped get me in front of many.

Do you have any advice or suggestions for those thinking about going into self publishing?

Don’t be afraid to try it! Do the research. Make sure you check the Preditors & Editors website which lists publishers/vanity & POD presses that are good, bad and ugly. Look to see what others are doing but don’t be scared to blaze your own path.

Can’t get enough of Lakisha?

Author Website:
Twitter: @kishazworld
To purchase Lakisha’s books!

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