A teaser for Dream Walker

I am quickly reading through what I had already written  so I can finish the book.  I came across this part and it gave me the shivers. Both of my dreamers are in dream scape after they have been kidnapped.  They are officially part of the experiment. 

“When you dream, what is it that you dream of?” he asks me.

“My dreams are not like others. The dreams I have are not my own.”

“Like this one?”  He tries to stand straighter as if that will shield him from the truth.

“This dream belongs to you, and if it is like the other, then I don’t want to wake up.”

“Because of me?”

“No, because the screams you hear, are mine.”

“There are others,” he whispers. I can hear them then, as I concentrate. There are at least two others. I can hear the sobbing of a little girl and the angry baritone of a fourth.

“Where are you?” Somehow I know this is important.

“I am beside you in the van.”

“You came for me.” I had already seen him do it in the first dream, but if he already saw it happen, I didn’t understand just stay away or call the police.

He sees the questions in my eyes. “They would have come for me eventually.” My shoulders slump, in disappointment. I have the familiar burn in burn in my eyes, that means I would be crying if I wasn’t in a dream. My shoulders jerk as if am sobbing. I can feel myself being pulled from the dream, but I don’t want to go. I want to stay. Whatever awaits me in the next room is not a pleasant one.

Against my will, I am forced into the hallway.


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