It’s time to move on to Dream Walker!

Some of you may recall that I was very excited to work on Dream Walker a couple months ago.  I have already shared with you how Dream Walker came to be.

I have a query in progress and I will share it with you now:

My name is Suri and for the last five years all I wanted was a dreamless sleep. 

Each night when I fall asleep I am surrounded by an unending vein of doors.  Each door holds the dreams of someone I know, and each time I open one, I have no idea what I awaits me.  Out here I feel safe, but it is lonely.

When I choose a new door, I’m pulled into Taylor’s dreams. The quiet boy from my algebra class isn’t fantasizing about his latest crush, or scoring the impossible touchdown. This dream isn’t about Taylor. We’re on my street, in front of my house, watching as an unmarked van skids to a halt, in my driveway. Three men burst through the front door and drag me out screaming. As I watch my abduction next to him, Taylor does something I never expected. No one has ever been able to see me in one of their dreams, but Taylor is different. He turns to me – the real me – and tells me to run.

Shocked back to consciousness by Taylor’s words, my heart is pounding in my ears. That doesn’t drown out the sound of heavy tires pulling into the driveway. With the slam of a van door, Taylor’s dreamscape has become my reality.

This query was not done without help.  I have to thank A. B. Keuser for her willingness to critique it.  She offers free critiques on her blog.  We have since become friends, and I always look forward to talking with her, and following her writing.

That’s the thing about writers.  We are a friendly group.  If you have a problem or a question, don’t be afraid to ask.  If someone doesn’t know the answer, there is a good chance they know someone who does.  Ask!

So lets talk stats.  Before I set it done I had already put some time into it.

I am starting back up on chapter 8.

As of right now I am about 20,000 words in on a rough draft.

It has a 10,000 word monster of an outline so I have a clear idea of where it is heading.

I also have 635 words worth of notes that will be changing 10,000 word outline.

Lets talk goals.

I want to have this book finished by September 1st.

In order to do that I will have to write about 2500 words a day

Rough drafts are my strength.  I have been known to have 10,000 word days if I know exactly what my characters are doing.

On a bad day I can get about a thousands words an hour down on paper.

This seems like simple math:  2.5 hours a day and I should reach my goal.

That doesn’t mean this goal will be easy.  August is a busy month for my family.  I have an anniversary and three birthdays to celebrate, not mention the fact I have three kids, two jobs, and a husband who pouts uncontrollably if he doesn’t get enough attention.  I struggle with my muse, self doubt, and I am prone to spending too much time on social media.

So wish me luck as I go in and get used to Dream Walker again!  I am pretty good at posting regular updates on my facebook fan page  so follow me there if you want to know how it is going.  I only update my website when something spectacular… or dreadful happens.





One comment on “It’s time to move on to Dream Walker!

  1. This post emphasizes a point I didn’t realize was so common. Getting the first draft done is the easy part. But getting that baby ready to be published is where the real work is. Keep at it!

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