Yes, I’m a flake.

I recently told all of you that I was excited to get back to work on Dream Walker.  I was…  technically I still am, but an opportunity has presented itself and I am going to throw all my energy into a different project. Entangled publishing is looking for a “contemporary Atlantis piece” and I just so happen to have one started.  Last year I started a book starring undead mermaids with a kick of Norse mythology. Like Eternity, I set it down to work on other projects, but knowing that someone is looking for the type of piece I already outlined and started, has made me decide to pick it back up now.

I suppose you could call me a flake, but I consider it me being flexible.

Without further ado- I introduce you to:

Beneath the Surface

It was the second chance she never asked for and didn’t deserve.

One good deed – saving a man from drowning – does not wipe out the last six of Alayna’s seventeen years where lying was a way to stay hidden, stealing was her only form of currency, and letting herself be abused by some was a way to survive the others.  If Atlantis knew what Alayna was capable of, the things she had done, they would have let her drown.  Instead, they gave her a home where being dead is a practicality and mermaids have ugly tails. 

They called her a hero. 

A hero would have left as soon as she was able.

A hero would have stayed when Atlantis needed her. 

It is Alayna who must find the strength to return.

Some facts and figures:

It is fully outlined. It will likely have 28 chapters.

I am 26,000 words in already.

Technically I should be working on chapter eleven, but there are changes I am going to make to the beginning which would mean I am somewhere in chapter nine or ten.

This is the first book I have written where I actually like the names of most of my characters.

I will miss Dream Walker, but I am just as excited about this one.

The inspiration for this novel came from working on another novel.  I was doing research for another zombie novel.  I found myself fascinated with Norse mythology.  I did what I often do, and I googled my way around the internet.  I was especially intrigued by the concepts of Selkies and their more mischievous side.  My mermaids/selkies are not all beautiful and they don’t have pretty tails.  They aren’t all about saving pretty-boy humans.  They are real people with messy hair, ugly fins and bad fish jokes.

So tell me…  do you ever flake out? 



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