Letting a rough draft be a rough draft

We all beat ourselves up.  Tell your inner critic it will get a chance to tell you how awful you are LATER. A rough draft is like a warm up.  If your about to go for a run, and you want to warm up first do you knock yourself around for not stretching hard enough?  Do you tell yourself that because you only had five minutes to stretch instead of the usual ten that your run is going to suck?  Sure, you’ll hate yourself for not doing a proper warm up later, but what matters is that you did SOMETHING to warm up your…story.

People put far too much emphasis on a rough draft.  You can rewrite scenes later.  You can change the pacing later.  You can up your word quality, add better descriptions, insert emotion…I bet you guessed it…later.

Until that draft is done you don’t even know which scenes will be staying!  Why slave over 500 words when they might just get cut so you can speed up your plot?  It’s not worth it.  It’s just a black hole of wasted time.

*steps off soap box and pushes it under the table*


2 comments on “Letting a rough draft be a rough draft

  1. I’m really trying to get this into my head.

    So often I want to write and sit down and then decide after staring at the screen or reading over what I’ve got so far, I lose steam and decide I’m not in the mood.

    I suspect the real reason I do this is I get too precious about the piece and worry I’ll ruin it or do something wrong if I don’t know exactly where I’m going with it.

    I really have to learn to turn off the editor and just let the words and ideas flow until I reach the end.

    Thanks! Another great and motivating article! 🙂

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