Author Paige Harbison: Author of New Girl

Thank you for taking the time to chat with my about the release of New Girl!  Congratulations!  Please start by telling us a little bit about yourself- the person behind the writing?

A) I’m 21 years old, and just graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts. My first book was Here Lies Bridget, which came out earlier this year—it also just got optioned, so we may be seeing it on the big screen!

Why don’t you tell us about the book?

New Girl is a modern whodunit, taking place in a boarding school. The popular girl from last year is gone—but is she still out there? Or did someone kill her? If so, then who—her best friend, boyfriend, or someone else? It’s a adaptation of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.

From the back cover:

I hadn’t wanted to come, but my parents were so excited…. So here I am, the new girl at Manderly, a true fish out of water. But mine’s not the name on everyone’s lips. Oh, no.

It’s Becca Normandy they can’t stop talking about. Perfect, beautiful Becca. She went missing at the end of last year, leaving a spot open at Manderley—the spot that I got. And everyone acts like it’s my fault that infallible, beloved Becca is gone and has been replaced by not perfect, completely fallible, unknown Me.

Then, there’s the name on my lips–Max Holloway. Becca’s ex. The one boy I should avoid, but can’t. Thing is, it seems like he wants me too.  But the memory of Becca is always between us. And as much I’m starting to like it at Manderly, I can’t help but think she’s out there, somewhere, watching me take her place.

Waiting to take it back.

What is the official release date of you book?

A) January 31st, 2012

That’s a long time to wait!  (I’m sure your more anxious than I am!)  It’s a good thing we can preorder!! 

To buy the book, click here >>

What was the inspiration for your novel?

A) I like the idea of being haunted by a ghost you never see. That’s pretty much what happens to our main character.

What was your favorite part about writing it?

A) It’s fun to drop clues along the way, and even wonder myself what was going to happen!

What was the hardest part?

A) Not making it too depressing.

Can you tell us what the road to being published has been like for you?  

A) Well, I’m not the right person to ask. I had a very unique experience because my mother, Beth Harbison, is a very successful author already. I grew up with writing around me, so when I decided to write a book and pumped it out in five weeks, my mother’s agent agreed to give it a look. Turned out she liked it, so she submitted it to a few publishing houses and not long after, I went with Harlequin. It’s not usually so easy for someone to do.

What advice do you have for others joining you on this rocky road?

A) Go wild and write something unique to you—don’t just write what’s already out there!

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