I need help with researching the apocolypse.

In November I am writing a zombie Apocalypse novel.  I have four characters, each with a back pack filled with supplies.  What I need to do now is fill them.  What would you not want to survive the Apocalypse without?

Comment comment comment.


7 comments on “I need help with researching the apocolypse.

  1. As a woman I would make sure I took tampons. I know it’s gross to some people but it’s practical. Zombies can smell blood and you don’t know when you’d find more. I’d also make sure I had food and lots of fresh water. My weapons wouldn’t be guns that can run out of ammo but blunt objects that can cave in zombie’s head and obliterate the brain. Also, due to my personality, I’d probably be the one carrying medical supplies: depending on how the bite infects that includes things to help heal bitten people, if at all possible in the world you’re writing. Pain killers, disinfectants, bandages etc. With people fighting against zombies they can get injured even if they’re not bitten.
    Hope this helps!

  2. Personally…. I’d pack a Whetstone, water purification tablets, Flint and fire starting kits, painkillers, a stock of other medical supplies and disinfectants for any injuries, Fishing line because it can be used to make trip wires to keep camps safe, Dried and salted meats just cause they last forever and are a good source of energy, I wouldn’t worry about veggies cause they can be found wild. Weapon wise I’d have a selection of blades (a few smaller knifes for general use, a couple hunting knives/bayonets/daggers, a machete or longer blade as they are forever useful for survival purposes and fighting if kept sharp), a club or cudgeon, a sling shot or hand catapult, nothing that is limited by projectiles i.e. guns. If you can find one a bow could be useful because arrows (or bolts if crossbow) can be retrieved and/or made fairly easily. I’d also ensure I had a few space blankets to fight against the cold and purely because of the geography of my local area, a container to hold phosphorous for improvising boobytraps and/or grenades… But thats just me… I haven’t thought about it too much… honest

  3. I’m horribly nearsighted, so I would have an extra pair of glasses, and those head-tie thingies that hold them on so they don’t fall off and smash. If I had neither glasses nor contacts, come and eat my brains, now, because I would be virtually blind. The other commenters have good ideas – I have heard that a good light rope is invaluable in survival situations, from helping one to climb up or get down, to securing barricades. Bandanas, for everything from dust filters to washcloths to bandages.

  4. Wow! You have all brought up things I didn’t consider. I have three females in my group so Lissa… while it is gross it is very practical. Painkillers didn’t even cross my mind, but yeah…injuries ensue and some good ol Tylonol could come in handy.

    Whetstone! I have no idea what that is but I am so googiling it. I like how you broke down your weaponry as well Archer. You also gave me an idea for a scene by bringing up fish. My book is based in MN. Ice fishing is a unique way of hunting in the winter time.

    Bev. Many of the things you mentioned will be incredibly helpful! I too am blind without glasses. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that considering in the first book one of my POV characters is blind. Bandana’s are practically are character in themselves in the book. I’m glad someone else finds them useful!

    Again, thank you all for the tips! Many of them will make it into the book. If you have any other ideas, I am all ears…err…eyes 🙂

    • You’re very welcome, a whetstone is a carbide stone for blade honing and sharpening. And I was thinking other uses for the fishing line lol. Ice fishing after Z-Day though is an amazing concept. But yeah you’re welcome… if I can think of anything else I’ll add more

  5. I’d pack duct tape because it can be so helpful in fixing things. Blades and lots of them – I actually have a short sword, so that would come with me. I’d grab all the grab and go foods I can find – especially dried meats and nuts (safe protein is going to be hard to come by). I’d grab my camping cook kit and my emergency sewing kit. If I had time to find one, I’d grab a copy of the “worst case scenario survival guide”. A few changes of clothes (again assuming I have time) and bandanas or small towels. Soap – I’d bring as many bars of soap as I could fit after packing everything else.

  6. I guess I could say my Hawkwind CDs and cable TV, but that would only be a snarky way of saying that the Book of Revelation says people who live through the apocalypse would rather be dead. But you’re not talking about The Apocalypse, but An Apocalypse–specifically a zombie one, so being dead during a zombie apocalypse would make you a zombie, which would give you advantages but would probably still suck.

    So to answer your question in a way that might actually be helpful, I’d go with a tough SUV and enough gas to drive somewhere zombies are not likely to be, or will be in very small numbers, like rural Arizona or Colorado.

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