A brain divided

I have a rant.  It’s probably one you have had before.  I am elbows deep in a new project.  It is a project I am excited to do.  It is going really well, except…I have another story that keeps talking to me.

If there is anyone reading this who isn’t an author you probably just marked me as a crazy person, but if you are a writer, you understand – you know – what I’m talking about.

The voices inside my head are the lifeblood of my novels.  I consider them friends.  (okay, now even the writers in the crowd think I’m a little nuts.)  The point I’m trying to make is:  I need them.  I can’t write without them.  The fact they are divided, wanting to fix a novel I wrote last year and work on the zombie novel I’m supposed to be writing now, makes it difficult to accomplish much of anything.

Have you ever had this problem and more importantly have you found a way to fix it?


2 comments on “A brain divided

  1. I’ve had this problem a lot. Some times, I start it. Other times, I write down scenes and as much of a plot as possible and then pray the voices come back when I’m ready to start. I won’t tell you what to do, but I will tell you what to ask. Can you start and finish this story without screwing up your current schedule? If the answer is yes, I say GO FOR IT! If the answer is no, I say GO FOR IT! Wait. No. That probably wasn’t very helpful was it? Crap. 😉

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