It’s NaNoWrimo time!

If you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is you should.  Join me and tens of thousands of others around the world as we band together and write a fifty thousand word novel in the next thirty days.  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  That’s half the fun.  It is a blast from beginning to end.  You accomplish so much and meet so many awesome people along the way.

Go here to find out more >> NaNoWriMo

Still not convinced?  Let me tell you what my first NaNo experience was like.

Every great story has a beginning, but I don’t recall mine. I would imagine Sarah Bella talked me into it…she’s cool like that.  We do a lot of writerly stuff together.  Anyways, enough about Sarah.  Suffice to say she and I both agreed to bang out fifty words in 30 days.  We had no idea what we were in for.

The people at NaNo tell you to write with reckless abandon and that is exactly what I did.  Starting November 1st, I put my fingers to the keys and started writing.  It felt so good to turn that inner editor off.  “Edit later.  Just keep writing.”  That was my mantra.

Writing is easy.  It’s what we love to do.  Finishing it…that’s an entirely different beast.

I already had one completed novel under my belt (…on my desktop.  It made my shirt look lumpy.). I wanted that feeling again.  NaNo was exactly the motivation I needed.

Whether this is your first year or fifth, I hope that if your mind goes crazy and refuses to cooperate you will swing by Aspire and Inspire.  I have a number of awesome, amazing, fantastic authors coming by the site to motivate, inspire or otherwise kick your arse in gear!

Make sure you become my NaNo Buddy. Click here >>

I wish you luck!  I’ll be right there with you.


By Elizabeth Sogard Posted in NaNo!

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