What are you writing for NaNo?

Day one is done? Did you survive it?  Good.  The fact you are here tells me you need a break.  Me too!  So lets get to know each other.

Leave a reply with the following info.

Name on NaNo Foums:
A link to your NaNo Profile:

Book you are working on:
Inspiration for your novel?

How was your first day:

I’ll go first.

Name on NaNo forums: Lizabella
A link to your NaNo Profile: http://www.nanowrimo.org/en/participants/lizabella

Book you are working on during NaNo: Spore
Inspiration for your novel:  The first book I ever wrote was a Zombie novel.  It wasn’t an apocalypse novel and that kind of bummed me out. I wanted to write one, but didn’t want it to be any zombie apocalypse.  I needed it to be uniquely my own.  Once I figured out the bilogy the story started to develop fast and furious.  It was a late night at my local Perkins with Sarah Bella 🙂


10 comments on “What are you writing for NaNo?

  1. Name on NaNo forum: K.D. Storm
    link to novel: http://www.nanowrimo.org/en/participants/k-d-storm/novels/a-house-without-love
    Book you are working on during NaNo: A House Without Love
    Inspiration for your novel: It was inspired by my parents who married too young and to the wrong people (each other). I played the what if game and a novel idea was born. This is my first romance novel since I normally do the horror thing.
    Good luck! I added you to my writing buddy list on NaNo 🙂

    • It went well. I busted out 4,005 words. Music is hugely inspiring to me as well. I found Vitamin String Quartet and it is the only thing I can listen to while I write. Anything else interferes with the thinking process. What do you listen to and how did you first day go?

      • Hi

        I wrote the sum total of a paragraph unfortunately due to distractions, aka Boyfriend trying to book a weekend away!

        Music wise, there is a indie uk group called Special Benny that I discovered through their lead singer being an actor in my nephew’s fave kid’s TV show. They are really melodic and very chilling. Perfect soundtrack to writing.

  2. Name on NaNo Foums: Traci-jo
    A link to your NaNo Profile: http://nanowrimo.org/en/participants/traci-jo
    Book you are working on: It’s called Ashen Wings, an adult fantasy
    Inspiration for your novel? My novels tend to be character driven. I just had to wait until my MC, Elli told me her story.
    How was your first day: Not as good as I’d hoped, but I plan on making up for it today. 😉

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