Almost half way there!

I’m taking a much needed break. This last weekend I went out of town with three of my writing partners.  I can’t tell you the last time I had so much fun, got some much done, and laughed more in a weekend.  I highly suggest doing a weekend away with writer friends if you do NaNo.  No one quite understands us like other writers.  We can be totally ourselves.

As an added bonus, we showed up to the hotel the same night they were hosting a Marines ball.  Talk about inspiration!  I was the only one there who didn’t write romance, but I’m sure they got some extra word count out of the experience.

I figure we should update eachother on what we have accomplished over the last week.  I’ll go first, but I’m hoping you’ll share your experience thus far.

My first week I stayed a little bit over pace until the weekend came, then my word count exploded.  I am creeping on 25,000 words and it’s only seven days in!  I do however plan on hitting double the minimum (100k) by the time the month is out so technically I’m right where I should be.  That will make the rest of the month a tad daunting, but I plan to be at two writins every week. – If you don’t know what a write in is or don’t know if there are any near you, check your local NaNo forums.  The three girls I went out of town with were writing buddies from last years NaNo so believe me when I say writeins are the place to be. – Back to updates.  My characters have been kind enough to show up for all the major plot points but get there any way they chose.  My MC fell in love with the wrong girl.  A secondary character kept trying to hijack the story.  And there is a character i’ll have to cut out during edits (or beef up his part in things) but all in all I’m pretty pleased.  My computer will probably have a nervous break down when I run a spell check but that’s one of the joys of NaNo.

So tell me…how’s NaNo treating you?


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