hells bells, I missed the deadline.

Day late and a buck short.  I swear that saying was made for me.  I heard about this contest at http://www.esquire.com/fiction/short-short-fiction-contest-2011  I should have read all the rules because I didn’t realize until after I sat down to write my 78 word story I missed the dead line.  I’ll share it with you instead.  Post your own 78 word story in comments.

Tall or short.  He never cared what they looked like as long as they knew their duties.

Nurses.  None of them could save him. None of them wanted to.

They thought him mean.  He thought himself practical.  He wanted more time.  Not food, not baths, nor false kindness and their incessant pity.

It was a Friday, no different for any other but for the angels with their harps, the devils with their forks and the nurse’s falling tears.

Your turn.  78 word story – go!


2 comments on “hells bells, I missed the deadline.

  1. He looked over his shoulder. He knew they were watching him. They were waiting for him to make a mistake. They were waiting for that one misstep that would give them the proof they needed to put him away for life. They did not realize that he was smarter than them. He had hid her well. They wouldn’t find her until she was nothing more than a bag of bones. By then he would be only a memory.

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