Writers block is a witch with two brooms

The first broom is her earth friendly and inexpensive mode of transportation and the second one is for thwaping you upside the head every time you sit down to write.  Enough is enough! You appreciate her hippy ways, but no one gave her permission to steal your words.  It is time to fight back and gain some confidence so you can write that next best seller.  Follow these five simple steps.

1.  take a breath and recognize it’s the creepy witch telling you that writing is less important than all that other stuff.  You know the stuff.  Laundry, cooking, cleaning, showers, hanging out with friends, watching tv, or playing facebook games.

2.  tell yourself it is time to focus and focus on one thing.  WRITING!  set up rules for yourself.  Ten minutes, and hour, a thousand words…you pick it.  Tell yourself I will do that ONE thing and nothing else until it is done.  Hide yourself away, turn off the phone, internet, etc…keep the fire alarms hooked up.  there are somethings worth setting your computer down for.  The point is set a goal. A reasonable one and commit to doing it uninterrupted.

3.  Butt in Chair people. That’s the only way to get it done.  I’m not the first person to tell you this.  I don’t care if it is the most uncomortable chair in the world.  You will sit in it until you have reached your goal.

4.  Pen in hand, fingers to the keys.  Pick your poison and start.  I don’t care if its to write a blog post, a letter to your grandma, or if your lucky your story will be like, “hey lets do this.”  the point is, get your fingers doing what they should.  You have already taken outside factors out of the equation.  Your story will talk to you because you are a trained machine.  It knows that when your but is in the chair and your fingers to the keys that you write stories.  it make take two letters to grandma.  Fine.  grandma will appreciate the effort.

5.  When your story comes to you write it.  It may not be the scene your working on.  It may not be until several chapters later.  Let it come and write it down.  Save it as a separate document if you must.  Books don’t always talk to us in order.  You know the saying two steps forward, one step back.  Writing is a lot like that.  Sometime you need to see what will happen in order to understand where your at.  Your epiphany will come and before you know it, not only will you have reached your goal, but you will have surpassed it.  Ain’t that slick?

How’s NaNo treating you this last week?



2 comments on “Writers block is a witch with two brooms

  1. Even though I usually write in a linear manner, lately I like the idea of writing scenes or chapters that come to me even if they’re out of context and then adding them to the manuscript when the time comes.
    Good advice!

  2. I despise when scenes come to me out of order, but it has been happening more and more as of late. I used to force it to stay on track, but A. I missed out on an awesome scene later when I forgot what I planned and B. I’m completely blocked until I get it out. I use scrivner which has done wonders for writing scenes out of order.

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