My unexplained hiatus explained

Hi.  I’m not sure you remember me, but hopefully you remember the good times we had.  I am here to tell you there are more good times coming in 2012.

The end of 2011 was a strange combination of stress and success.

I almost lost my day job…twice.  If that doesn’t tell me it’s time to sell some books and build my career then I’m far denser than I thought.

I’ve never talked about my day job before.  I work as a personal care assistant and a respite provider to a awesomtastic kid who has a whole host of health problems, but his primary diagnosis is CP.  He has taught me so much about myself and the extremes I will go to in order to protect him.    The county his family lives in wanted to take him off the waiver program, which is how he pays his bills.  In my humble opinion, my buddy is the reason the waiver program was created.  We took our arguments to court – without a lawyer – and won!  What should have been the end of a horribly stressful time only got worse.  The county kept us in limbo and worse they took us back to court claiming that the Judge didn’t fully understand their arguments.  We won again.  I’m still waiting for them to try something else.  They have the right to take their fight to district court and if they do, we’ll be ready.

Another big thing changed in my life.  My husband graduated from college with a degree in Computer Forensics.  He is one of those sexy nerds that boggles my mind and amazes me at every turn.  To add to his list of accomplishments, he landed a job right after graduation.  He applied on a whim, with very low expectations of getting a call back.  To everyones surprise (but mine) they called him.  Three rounds later they offered him the job.   It’s pretty fancy, high stress, in his field and he couldn’t be happier.  I got to watch every step of the way as he pursued his dream.  It was downright inspiring.  It made me look at my list of accomplishments and those I have yet to achieve and prioritize.

November is NaNo time and that was a crazy ride.  Not only did I win, but I still like the story.  I haven’t started tearing into yet, but the bones are all there.  I’m super excited about it.  It is the zombie apocalypse told from three perspectives – the girl everyone wants to be, the boy who is a danger to himself, and the blind nerd that has to save the world.  I’ll post more about the story soon.  Suffice to say, I love it and I think you will to.

December I was fried.  Holidays are always a little bit of family drama, mixed with too much food and a lot of shredded paper.  The characters who live in my head went on hiatus.  I let them.  It was a win for my psyche but a blunder for my success.

Another thing happened last year and I’m pretty excited about it.  I decided to enter a pitch contest.  With the help of my friends, family, crazy fans and total strangers I won the first round in the final hours.  I passed the second round and ultimately didn’t get chosen to win the contest as a whole.  It was still an awesome experience and what’s more, I put myself out there to be rejected.  It didn’t sting nearly as much as I expected it to.  I learned I was ready to put myself out there.  I have been fine tuning my plan for 2012, so expect a post soon.

In the mean time, I didn’t get anything done on my blog.  I barely checked emails.  Twitterville moved on without me.  I couldn’t log into facebook.  In other words, I fell off the face of the planet.

Well folks…I’m back, and I’m more motivated than ever.  Who’s with me?


12 comments on “My unexplained hiatus explained

  1. Welcome back, Liz.

    Sometimes, we just need to take time to do What Needs To Be Done. Glad you’re back in the swing – and that you have a new books out of NaNo!

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