Have you hugged a self published author lately?

This is my blog, which means I get to be brutally honest.  I have read a lot of crap lately.  Whether the stories were from a big publisher, a small one, or the brave people who go it alone, I’m tired of getting two chapters in before my interest wanes.  My bank account reflects my bitter disappointment, having downloaded as many as three books in one day.

I want to read a good book, by a good author, who has done it on their own.

This is where you come in.  If you know of a self published book that will amaze me and reassert my faith in peoples ability to tell a good story, leave a comment.  Tell me about the story.  Tell me why you love it.  Please don’t spam me with your awesomtastic book. Have your friends tell me why your book will keep me turning the pages.  Hug another self published author and tell me about theirs. I have never done a book review on this site, but I will if the indie book(s) suggested to me have me going wow, I will.

I look forward to your recommendations.


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