From the mouth of babes and to the dismay of husbands

I have two funny situations to tell you about.

The first one won’t take me long.  My daughter is eight years old and it is frightening how similar we are.  The other day she told me that she likes to keep her imaginary friends in her head so she doesn’t lose them.  I couldn’t be more proud.

The second one is about a short I’m working on.  It is for an “around the office” call for submission.  I was batting around ideas of what I wanted to do and decided to tell the story from the chairs perspective.  I was telling my husband what I was up to and he looked at me like I was crazy.  I didn’t pause before telling him, “the only reason I’m telling it from the chairs perspective is because the pen wasn’t talking to me.”  What’s great is that I was able to keep a straight face because it was 100% the truth.  I love my profession.

I’m sure you’re wondering if there is a point to all this.  Apparently a quick laugh isn’t enough for some people.  I say have fun with your story.  Surround yourself with people who can laugh with you as much as they do at you and writing becomes a whole lot more fun (and it was pretty awesome to begin with).

May all your muses be kind to you.


One comment on “From the mouth of babes and to the dismay of husbands

  1. Too funny. For me, a quick laugh is enough of a reason. I’ve also had that look from my husband when I tell him what I’m writing. Of course I’ve given him the same look when he tells me about some of his projects so I guess it’s mutual.

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