Admitting I’m not as smart as I think I am…

It took me way too many times to figure out…  It really goes to show how important it is to edit your stuff!



      It was like Terry Border reached into my dreams and grabbed this scene.  Many of morning I have woken up in a cold sweat, thinking my thesaurus was after me.

Maybe this has happened to you too?

I thought you all might enjoy this picture!

Terry has a book out, celebrating all things bendy!

And a second one!  Yeah!!

Terry also has fun website with more bendy things!

What have I gotten myself into?

I was in need of a little motivation.  I found a writing partner leagues ahead of me.  I agreed to a race.

1 week winner takes all!  They get a new book.  They get braggers rights!  They get the satisfaction of winning! All of it happens inside a week!

I want that winner to be me.

I’m going to need all the support I can get.  Come cheer me on at

Who is my adversary?

Kimberly Kinrade  the last time she did a death race she pumped out over 22,000 words in one week.  That knocks my best average out the window.  If I am going to win, I’m going to have to dig deep and really go for it!  That is almost 4,000 words a day just to match her last performance.  She has already told me she is ready to bring it, so I may as well shoot for 5,000 words a day just to keep up with her.
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Poll: Do you prefer Chapter headings or just numbers?

This poll question came up from a conversation Morgan Wylie started in the YA Sisterhood group on face book.  I thought the question was a good one.  Please answer the poll and if you would like, leave a comment.

You ask. I answer.

It is exactly what it sounds like, and it is open to interpretation.

Just so we are clear, my favorite color is purple, I am happily married, my favorite food is pizza… steak…pizza…  steak on pizza?  If you ask a fun or silly question, I will just hit reply.  If it is a detailed question, like the one that made me want to start this feature, it will get its own post.

In case you were wondering, the question was from Kara Lucas.  She wanted to know how I had so many twitter followers. It was a good question and it deserved a through answer.  Others could benefit from it, so it became it’s own post!  You can see the answer here >>

You should know I am only somewhat familiar with wordpress.  I am a web designer out of necessity not copious amounts of skill.  Everything you see on this site has been done after a lot, and I do mean a lot of trial and error.  You can ask, and if I know the answer I will share.  If I have no clue…  I’ll tell you that too.