Genetics aren’t everything but they are the one thing that can keep Samantha from having a normal life. The genetic anomaly will either kill her, or rob her of her humanity by making her a shifter for three days out of every moon cycle. Time is running out and Samantha must make a choice. If Keegan is right, she might not make it through another moon cycle. If he is wrong, there is no telling how long she might have.

Confronted with her own demise, Samantha becomes one of the shifters, but having four paws and a tail is just the beginning of her troubles. There is a competing pack in town that is determined to claim the relic that they believe is theirs, putting Samantha, her pack, and possibly her heart in danger.

The inspiration for this novel:

This book was inspired by my friend saying that she needed to brush her “wolfies” aka teeth.  It is proof that inspiration can come from anywhere.  It was a simple idea that started to transform in my mind.  Within minutes I had world notes, with in hours I had basic plot line laid out.

The best part about writing this novel:

The characters in this story came together so easily and naturally that it is hard to not love them.  Don’t get me wrong, we had our struggles, but for the most part they led when I needed them to, and followed when it was necessary for them to do so.  The story itself didn’t go as planned, which is probably a good thing; I don’t think I could have planned for them to turn out the way they did.

The hardest part about writing this novel:

I had to put this novel down at the end of November to work on another project.  I picked it up thinking that it would be easy to finish, which was completely wrong.   It was hell.  All I could see was everything bad about a fist draft.  In my mind, it was so bad that it pretty much required a rewrite along with a lore change, and a different plot.  I agonized over trying to make it perfect and in the process I got too far away from the original point of the story.  I had to take a step away from it in order to see some of the good there was.  I learned my lesson:  Do NOT under any circumstances quit before finishing a novel.  Get the story out, even if it sucks.  There is a reason that authors do multiple drafts.


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