Completed novels

Book 1 of the Dead Girl Chronicles

Vampires and Werewolves are the new nice guys, but it is rare to find a mindless one finishing ahead- let alone with their heads still intact.

When seventeen year-old Juliana Lewis dies and comes back as an Esserci she learns that dying was just the beginning.  Learning to live with unusual cravings, the ability to see auras and deal with the ever present David Morelle, is enough to drive any person – dead or alive – crazy.

Just when she thinks she’s getting the hang of being undead, the Esserci find out that she has been keeping a secret from them.  It’s a secret that could expose their existence to the rest of the world and they will stop at nothing to keep it from getting out- even if it means killing Juliana’s best friend.  In order to save Leah from a fate similar to her own, Juliana must team up with the person who killed her and risk leaving behind the one person who truly understands her.

Undead Dead Girl is a completed 80,000 word novel that will appeal to the growing category of young adult paranormal romance readers, as well as adult readers who have crossed over into the young adult category.  It speaks to the power of friendship, love and the ability to forgive.  While it can be a standalone novel, I have already fully outlined and begun the next book in the Dead Girl Chronicles.

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Tempting Fate

Raised far away from Olympus, seventeen-year-old Serena always knew that she was different, but her parents kept her from understanding all that she is capable of.  When a stranger tells her she was stolen at birth and drugged into ignorance, she becomes torn between two realities:   the world she has always known, and the world that was meant to be hers all along.

She leaves, in search of answers, only to be at the center of a power struggle between the gods.  She has a talent that each of them desire- Serena can read a person’s past, see their future and with a single note, she can compel them to do her bidding.

It would be crazy to refuse gods, but for Serena, serving them would endanger those who have fought to protect her.

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Genetics aren’t everything but they are the one thing that can keep Samantha from having a normal life. The genetic anomaly will either kill her, or rob her of her humanity by making her a shifter for three days out of every moon cycle. Time is running out and Samantha must make a choice. If Keegan is right, she might not make it through another moon cycle. If he is wrong, there is no telling how long she might have.

Confronted with her own demise, Samantha becomes one of the shifters, but having four paws and a tail is just the beginning of her troubles. There is a competing pack in town that is determined to claim the relic that they believe is theirs, putting Samantha, her pack, and possibly her heart in danger.  To find out how things are going Click here >>