Tempting Fate

The inspiration for this novel:

This novel was partly inspired by another novel I was working on.  In Undead Dead Girl I have a girl whose ability is a lot like a sirens.  It was an incredibly lonely ability to have.  I have always been a fan of Greek mythology so I started playing around with a new character.  I didn’t have any idea where the story was going to do.

My favorite part of writing this book:

I love mythology!  It was so much fun playing around with lore and weaving it in and out of my story!

The hardest part of writing the book:

Most of my books I have a pretty good idea where it ends.  This one I had no clue.  I kept writing and writing hoping that something would come to mind.  Finally I understood what the last scene was going to be but the ending still didn’t make any sense.  There were too many loose ends and I had to trust my characters to figure it out.  Trusting my characters is not an easy thing to do.  They aren’t actual people so they tend to go a little crazy and do whatever random thought comes in my mind.  It is always a balance between me directing the story and let them lead.  My best and worst moments happen when I let my characters take control.

Sample Chapter

This book is still hiding with my beta.  I want to make sure you get the best possible preview, so sample chapter is coming soon!