Undead Dead Girl

The Inspiration

I will admit that I am hopelessly addicted to vampires!  I was sitting out on my deck talking with a couple of my friends.  It seemed to us like vampires and every other supernatural being was getting all the action but zombies were sorely neglected.  It started out as a silly writing project but quickly evolved into more.

The best part of writing the story

It’s finished!  No, really, it’s a pretty big deal.  Before this story I had never been able to finish a project.  I would lose confidence part way through or I would let real life get in the way.  I made writing a priority in my left and when it was amazed I loved the sense of accomplishment.So far as the story itself, I enjoyed building the world.  There was so much science and history that were unique to this book.  I was able to stretch my imagination and watch the story unfold.

The hardest part about writing this story

While it would probably hold true for most of my books, it was especially difficult for me to accept that a first draft is not a finished project.  It took me longer to edit it than it did for me to write it.  It seemed like every day was filled with all the mistakes I made and all the things I had done wrong.  It was a major hit to my ego and I had no choice but to forge ahead.