Dream Walker

How Dream Walker came to be…

Oddly enough the inspiration for this novel came from a dream that was completely unrelated.  I had a dream that I was going to see someone I really didn’t want to see.  She was sitting in my park bench.  You know how dreams are…  you just understand things, even if they don’t make sense.

The very next day I was out to dinner with some friends when I saw the woman I never wanted to see again.  It was a very emotional experience for me.  I felt numb.  I felt like I had already seen it.  Then, I realized I had.  The scenario wasn’t the same, but the feeling cycle was.

Dreams are more important than them get credit for.  If we could tap into that power… we could rule the world.

The antagonist, Dr. Mendoza came to me.  He was very secretive about his plan at first.  All I understood was that he wanted to do experiments on dreamers.  Dr. Mendoza was kind enough to explain to me that he had already set plans in motion.

Suri was the second one to talk to me and once she did, she wouldn’t shut up!  She is the strongest “voice” that I have ever worked with.  That isn’t to say my other character’s aren’t strong; it means she knew what the story was and how I was going to write it.  She is the only first person/present tense novel I have ever worked on.  I deleted blocks of text.  I forced her to write in third person.  She refused.  I relented.

The concept “Chicago Seven” had been rolling around in my mind for quite some time.  To be honest, I thought it was going to be a zombie novel where seven teenagers were kidnapped, forever connected and dangerous in the worst ways.  Two problems:  One.  I always write my books so they are based in Minnesota.  Secondly, when I started developing the “cast” for Dream Walker there were seven dreamers, forever connected, and I’m sure you guessed it… but they are incredibly powerful and wicked dangerous.

This book has been crazy to write. It has a MONSTER outline totaling 10,000 words.  I have had to learn how to write not only in first person but present tense (I tend to prefer third person/past) as well.  It’s query came to me and had to be written before I even finished the first chapter. It is the first book cover I have made.

I am in the middle of writing chapter eight of about twenty-four, yet it thinks it’s a real book.  It’s nowhere near ready.  Hello, I have to finish writing it.  Editing it.  Getting it to pre-readers.  Editing it again. And again. And again.  Then comes the query process. And heartache. Anticipation.  Excitement.

Why would I tell you about all this?  Well for starters, I love the book cover and want everyone to see.  Ha!  Mission accomplished.  The other reason, and the purpose for this blog, is to show others it is okay to be excited, to do things out of order,   and give everyone some insight into my world.  It’s chaotic.  Sometimes it doesn’t make sense (even to me).  But I love it.